“He understands what it takes to make a song.”

“Working with Shane has been a great pleasure! His experience as a musician makes him very easy to work with in the studio. He understands what it takes to make a song. His attention to detail is also an attribute that makes him an exceptional engineer.”

- Anthony OKS of The Lytics. 

“I instantly thought that this was the best I had ever sounded”

“Working with Shane was like recapturing that child-like imagination that we are taught and trained to forget. It was rejuvenating to be put in such an instantly free creative environment. He pushed me and himself to try anything to create something fresh and unique. I instantly thought that this was the best I had ever sounded. We went so far as we banged on tables and shook toy maracas to create a song’s percussion, so now I not only have a great song but an even greater story behind it! It was the utmost pleasure, and I hope I can do it again!”

- Nic Dyson

“His mixing is beyond my comprehension”

“Having been my first time recording, I went in the studio pretty blind. Shane walked me through everything step by step and I never felt overwhelmed or stressed. Not only did he lead the whole process, but being a musician himself he was about to create some of my favourite piano bits that make my songs really stand out. His mixing is beyond my comprehension and his musical touches completed each song I brought in. He gave me feedback that strengthened my songs, and was extremely patient with me. It was everything I could have hoped for and more, and I will definitely be back.”

- Kira Gregory