I've been recording and performing music since I was eleven years old. Back then, I never had access to cutting edge gear, but it wouldn’t stop me from making demos in the late hours of the night. I have fond memories of recording guitar riffs in my basement on a recording device of my dad’s, using some trial version of whatever software I could find online at the time. I remember thinking it was so cool to be able to do stuff like that, and had never considered that this was something people dedicate their lives to perfecting and innovating. A knack for technical things, paired with my meticulous nature made audio production and audio post-production a natural path for me.

After spending several years touring in various bands, I took courses at a recording studio in St. Boniface called Precursor Productions where I studied under the head recording engineer. In the fall of 2016 I started my own recording company called Nomad Recording where I now provide recording services for the music industry, acting as a mobile studio.

I feel lucky to have grown up in the 90’s because I believe it gives me a unique perspective on a time where technology was being advanced and implemented into areas like arts and music in ways it hadn’t been before. Since that time, technology has become smaller, faster, and smarter,

establishing itself as a necessary foundation for musical production. Now in 2019, technology continues to integrate itself into the fabric of what we know as music and the music industry, allowing for endless possibilities.